Are rock and play sleepers safe for newborns

Are rock and play sleepers safe for newborns

This article tries to clarify and clear some hot-button issues peculiar well-known rock and play sleepers. You are highly invited as well as other mothers to read it carefully.

04/12/2019 Fisher-Price has recalled its Rock ‘n Play product
We do not recommend using it at this time.

Q&A Are rocks and play sleepers safe for newborns?

Are-rocks-and-play-sleepers-safe-for-newbornsRock and play sleepers became famous last time thanks to pure hype around them. The mothers are excited about their “magic” influence on the dream of their beloved toddlers.  Word of mouth is a great motivator for any purchasing.

I would recommend listening closely to pediatrician’s advice regarding proper utilization of R&P sleepers. Doctors consider them dangerous due to possible risk for SIDS. The most serious ones admitted that rock and play sleepers had caused 30 deaths and seven hundred injuries since 2005.



Doctor’s concern can be expressed in the following:

  • Overnight sleep for babies is strictly prohibited in R&P sleepers according to The American Academy of Pediatrics which considers the firm bed more exceptional than a softer option. The pillows supporting the body and headrest usually cover the sides and can be shift simply.
  • As infants commonly sleep in one position, there is a risk of flat head or torticollis.


Q&A Is a vibrating bouncer safe for newborns?

Is-a-vibrating-bouncer-safe-for-newbornsVibrating bouncer has such risk as chair’s turning over which can hurt your infant. You can avoid it if you locate your bouncer on the floor, not on the smooth bed or an unsteady table. One more caution is an infant’s choking hazard due to a broken piece of any baby equipment. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission tried to convince the manufacturers to withdraw rock and play sleepers which have not corresponded to safety requirements.

The reason for the withdrawal was crucial: the toy bars were detached from the entire structure of the infant seat. It might cause serious harm to the baby health.

Please be warned that all baby equipment including vibrating bouncers has to have proper certificate from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. It controls that no details have been detached even after harsh treatment.

Q&A Can baby sleep in the swing all night?

Can-baby-sleep-in-the-swing-all-nightSwings have become fashionable nowadays due to their extreme convenience. Every parent deserves to sleep enough while his infant is napping happily. Anyhow, babies’ safety has indisputable priority to everybody.

It is crucial to acquire a straightforward rule confirmed by The American Academy of Pediatrics in 2011 – please don’t allow your infant sleeping an extended period. They warn to avoid it definitely if your toddler is not being supervised. The swing is not the finest sleep aid if we are talking about safety.

The infants have to breathe well so that prolonged vertical sitting might cause undesirable SIDS risk according to preventive information from AAP. The conclusion is the following: please try to evade all night sleeping in the sling. At the same time, short-termed napping under someone’s control is a possible solution in this case.

Q&A What age can you use a baby rocker?

What-age-can-you-use-a-baby-rockerThe baby rocker lets your toddlers express their excitement while they are standing on the legs straight. Development of the leg muscles can be put through in a funny way. You are free to locate them near the frame of the door depends on your child’s height.

Please be advised that they are intended for kids who older than six months. They should support their head first and try to hold their body properly at the time of standing on the feet. Most rockers are suitable for infants with weight until eleven kilograms. 1,5 years are the maximum level of age intended to the baby rocker.

The mothers who purchased baby rockers are fully satisfied with them. Most of them shared about their experience on a forum where they were telling about perfect dreams of their little, commonly about newborns.

Q&A How long can baby sleep in the bassinet?

How-long-can-baby-sleep-in-the-bassinetThe bassinet is mainly designed for baby’s sleeping on his back. It can last until the infant gain the weight to twenty pounds or nine kilograms when he can sit up without additional help. So he may sleep there as long as he fits without risk to hurt the fragile back.

If you let your infant sleep with you in the bedroom, it might decrease the possibility of SIDS. Commonly, you both will be sleeping together in one space until he became approximately seven months. Then, it is more delicate to move him to his real bed in the children room. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your little one as he will be almost two years at that time. The bassinet may be an ideal option for your family as your toddler sleep with you in one room but a separate space. The general mom’s experience will make you more confident about the terms of the utilization of the bassinet in your house.

Q&A When should I stop using rock and play sleeper?

When-should-I-stop-using-rock-and-play-sleeperTaking into account the valuable experience of satisfied by rock and player sleepers moms, you can count that your baby will be sleep either until three weeks or even seven months. One family stopped using a sleeper for their child at night time when the infant was two months. But they prolong baby’s sleeping there during the day as he became sleep worst than before.

Another toddler who has reached the age of 4,5 months started to get out of the rock and play sleeper after he woke up. So the parents stopped its utilization immediately. Manuals of different sleepers should warn you about the maximum level of the weight for your little one. So you can check it sometimes in order not to do damage to your beloved one.

Q&A Does rock and play sleeper cause flat head?

Does-rock-and-play-sleeper-cause-flat-headOpinions regarding this question are divided. Some mothers noticed that the head of the little ones indeed became flat. Their doctors could decline such possibility, but the anxiety of the parents even has been increased about it. Other moms confirmed that nothing has happened with the heads of the children. Some of them suppose that genetic predisposition might be the reason for the flat head.

It doesn’t mean that the flat head should be obligatory if your infant has slept on the rock and player. Typically, when the child tries to turn on the sides or get up from the sleeper, the parents take care of back support and buy a real bed for the child. Anyhow, the presence of an absence of the flat head should be noticed by a family doctor. He has to prescribe some preventive measures if they are required.

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