Alive dolls became an essential part of the playing process at houses with small children. Further, you will explore the best baby alive doll from the most well-known manufacturer to select the right option for you.

Best baby alive doll 2020


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Baby Alive blonde baby doll
Baby-Alive-blonde-baby-doll reviews
Removable outfit, blender with hand crank and bowl, 2 packets of powdered doll food / Over 3 years
✅ Editor's choice

Baby Alive afro-American baby doll
Special scooper, ice-cream, sprinkles shaker / For 3 years old girls and boys / Recyclable package
✅ Editor's choice
Baby Alive snackin' Lily
Snack shaper and two cans of reusable food, one diaper and instructions / Plus 3 yearsCHECK PRICE
Baby Alive, magical scoop doll
Cone, scooper, sprinkles shaker, bib, comb and dress / For age 3 and up
BABY ALIVE, magical blonde doll
Cone, scooper, sprinkles shaker, bib, comb, and dress / Over 3 yearsCHECK PRICE
Baby Alive School Baby
Dress with a printed school pattern, notebook and brush / For 3-year-old girls and boys and upCHECK PRICE
Baby Alive finger paint baby doll
The drawing on the canvas by filling the paintbrush with cold water / Smock, canvas, notebook, color pencil, comb, bottle, diaper /For 3-year-old girls and boys and upCHECK PRICE

1. Baby Alive blonde baby doll

Baby-Alive-blonde-baby-doll reviews

  • “Real life” experience
  • Your child is learning the parts of the body
  • Comes with a comb, two food packets, two diapers, a spoon, a juice cup, and a mixing bowl
  • Many hours of fun from natural processes
  • Her mouth isn’t wide enough to get the spoon in

Baby dolls have become more realistic and more human. Your sweet toddler has an excellent opportunity to raise alive doll correspondingly as you bring your little one up. The toy is ready to be fed up correctly and to be looked after in general. The cute blender will be indispensable assistant while you are cooking a delicious meal for your doll using powdered food. The unique handle is able to make a proper mix of water and food. An essential spoon and a small bottle are included to make the eating process authentic.

The package includes a removable outfit and blender with hand crank and bowl

After feeding is ended, you will have had to change a diaper. Yes, the baby doll acts itself like in real life. Please do not forget to brush her beautiful blond hair from time to time. Hugs and kisses will make delightful your “daughter.” Your child is getting genuine experience for future reference playing with her doll without breaks.



2. Baby Alive afro-American baby doll

Baby-Alive-afro-American-baby-doll reviews

  • Dark skin is a perfect option for Afro-American kids
  • Set of magical scoops like a comb, ice-cream, cone, scooper, sprinkles shaker, bib, and dress
  • Fun game for both boys and girls
  • “Pretending parents” performance
  • The doll is not packed in the original box
  • Not as big as shown in the picture

The girls adore pretending themselves mothers while they are playing with the toys. The boys are welcome to join the girls anytime to have fun and create a full family including parents and a child. All essential accessories such as diapers, bottles, and food will cooperate in composing incredible performance reminding real life.

The perfect gift is for afro-American toddlers. The size is smaller than it seems

Your toddler is free to comb her to create a fashionable hairstyle. You are expected to press the ice cream cone, including to the set of magical scoops, against the doll’s mouth to feed her. The scoop retracts into the cone pretending that the baby is eating delicious dessert — the bib assists you not to get dirty.



3. Baby Alive snackin’ Lily

Baby-Alive-snackin'-Lily reviews

  • Removable adorable outfit
  • Goes with snack meal along with the spoon
  • Food is reusable
  • The additional diaper is included
  • The doll doesn’t make sounds
  • The diaper is more significant than anticipated

Brunette Lily adores snacks, and your toddler can make the doll delighted with peculiar reusable food intended to her. The feeding process might become a wonderful nutrient experience and bring joy to your little one. Specially designed spoon is able to be an excellent assistant while you are scooping snacks out.

Snacking Lily set provides snack shaper and two cans of reusable doll food

Girls like to hang out together with such cute alive doll. They will be involved in a hilarious process of essential care for Lily. Don’t forget to change diapers as the baby doll can poop. The additional diaper is included in the gift to simplify the tidying process.

Sweet looking outfit represent Lily gorgeous. You are free to exploit the containers with of the alive doll food which is purposed for many tries. Please look through the guide if something remains unclear.


4. Baby Alive, magical scoop doll

Baby-Alive,-magical-scoop-doll reviews

  • Doll’s hair is so pleasant to brush
  • It is amusing to feed her with an ice-cream
  • Close to the real parenting process
  • The shaker generates hilarious noise.
  • Much smaller than anticipated
  • The doll doesn’t speak

The set with the baby doll includes such amusing objects as a fashionable dress, bib with sweet ice-cream pattern, a small scooper for ice-cream feeding, sprinkles shaker and pink comb for brushing. All this magical stuff will set up performance close to real parenting process. Kids, particularly the girls, adore impersonating mothers and fathers which will play a crucial role hereafter. The doll is a beautiful example of how to learn baby care with love and enjoyment.

This doll’s version comes in a plain brown package. The baby doesn’t speak

Your little ones are able to feed her with an ice-cream involving the cone and the shaker. The shaker is designed to add any topping and to generate hilarious noise. Just press the scooper against the cone to feed her. If the doll gets dirty, you are free to tidy her up with a patterned bib. The brushing hair and making her style might be amusing for toddlers.


5. BABY ALIVE, magical blonde doll

BABY-ALIVE,-magical-blonde-doll reviews

  • The doll has charming pigtails
  • Imaginary sprinkles add joy to the playing process
  • No batteries are needed
  • Not so interactive as expected by some children

Your toddlers will appreciate a cute blonde doll which is an ideal option as a first step. Satisfied mothers confirmed that their little ones like looking after about the toy: to watch how the alive doll is eating her ice-cream, to sprinkle or to brush her silky blonde hair. BABY ALIVE designed the most uncomplicated doll in the range made of the plastic.

There are thin fabric and less adornment. The toy’s measure is 13 inches

Such accessories as a sprinkle jar bring amusement to the game. It shows sprinkle pieces popping out when the jar is turned over. You don’t have to worry about the mess when your toddler is feeding the doll with ice-cream. Just hang up the bib on the doll’s body to imitate parenting process. The outfit doesn’t worth its value as for parents’ opinion. Anyhow, children will get exciting pleasure playing with the magical scoops baby doll created by the manufacturer.


6. Baby Alive School Baby

Baby-Alive-School-Baby reviews

  • It’s the appropriate size for small toddlers
  • An ideal option for a preschool graduation present
  • A cute dress with a printed pattern of pencils, chalkboards, and books
  • The doll creates an atmosphere pretending school communication and education.
  • Poor hair quality

A sweet blonde girl is thrilled about further preschool years. Your little one is able to cooperate with her applying adorable patterned dress with pencils, chalkboards, and books. This cute outfit may create a pleasant school atmosphere for the baby doll.

The preparing process to the school can be amusing thanks to the charming notebook where she writes down her first letters. Your kid is free to discuss color and shapes from this book. Please do not forget to comb the doll’s hair by a special pink brush.

Accessories include a pretend notebook for education. The baby doll doesn’t talk, drink and eliminate

New school friends are waiting for her to play with them. Your toddler might support her and feels how it is exciting to look after, to worry about their child.


7. Baby Alive finger paint baby doll

Baby-Alive-finger-paint-baby-doll reviews

  • Artistic surrounding
  • Ability to make a handprint with a paint
  • The amusing mutual painting process
  • The doll drinks and pees like a real girl
  • None

Finger paint alive doll gives your toddler the opportunity to feel a prominent artist. The interactive painting process brings so much joy. You need to put the canvas on the easel to start. The kid has a chance to wipe her hand with the brush. Please use cold water to reveal paint. You are free to place the doll’s fingers on the blank canvas to see a handprint.

A blank canvas is reusable. If the canvas and fingers of the baby become dry, the color on it might disappear

The doll acts like a small child – drinks the water and then does peeing. You are available to replace her diaper. Please do not forget to make her charming brushing her beautiful hair.


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