The market of educational toys regales you with incredible variety. Please look closer to below synopsis about best magnetic blocks which can educate and handsel your kid simultaneously.

1. Dreambuilder magnetic tiles set


The primary goal of the design of magnetic blocks for toddlers for Dreambuilder is creativity, development of brain activities and own critical thinking. Thanks to varied shapes including the set (triangles, rectangles, wheels, semicircles, and squares), your kid will love to play with them for long hours. The collection contains 54 magnetic items and 42 alphanumeric cards. It is a quite extensive list for similar pieces on the market.

While your toddler is trying to build up own dream world, you can take part in his playing process. Please do not worry about the safety of the materials. They are compliant to CSPIA and have world known ASTM certificate. High-grade materials are able to gladden you with colorful pieces. They provide an ideal tightness and resistance to any break, which can be happened during the game process.

The fascinating bonus is included in the set – book of ideas which is an excellent assistant to boost imagination and quickness.


2. Jenx Toys magnetic rods


If your beloved child is in the interval from three to twelve years, then you have an excellent opportunity to purchase the set of children’s magnetic building blocks designed by Jenx Toys boldly. Coming up diverse constructions your toddler is able to boost his imagination and creative skills.

Thanks to colorful magnets of different shapes, both of you can not only to entertain but get an education in a funny way. Such subjects as science, engineering, and geometry are targets of individual learning. There are plenty of items which help your kid 3D projects. All of them can be held in one bag which prevents from the loss.

The material utilized in toys manufactured by Jenx is met to safety requirements. It has a proper certificate from CPSC, CPSIA, CE, EN71, and ASTM. The reputable company with 15 years of experience is able to propose you the highest grade of magnetic toys.


3. Taomics magnetic transparent blocks


Unusual transparent form of the magnetic blocks for children let your toddler occupy all his time with imaginative games. Your kid is able to pull off genuine masterpieces, for instance, colorful houses or animals. One hundred pieces let to enjoy the exploration process of a new world.

Magnetic items can secure you against flimsy materials. Magnet has the power to let the whole project stand confidently. Quality certificates according to such standards as EN 71, ASTM and CPC ensure proper protections thanks to the soft surface. Hands of your beloved are free from scratches. Welding has sufficient quality, so you don’t have to worry about magnet’s falling out.

Logical skills, recognition of shapes and versatile colors, three-dimensional thinking are subject to your child with an incredible amount of different pieces from now on. Please make a pleasant gift to him or her to prove in the magic of transparent blocks designed by Taomics.


4. Manve magnetic blocks building set for kids


Learning process became more accessible and funnier with such brain games as set with magnetic shapes produced by Manve. It is an eternal education gift ever. Let the creativity of your toddler boost thanks to the various combination of geometric shapes.

Three-dimensional world plus magnetic tools allow both of you to build up new architecture forms. Nothing can stop your imagination even in early ages. The brain of the child is plastic and starting from three years old it opens to new horizons. It would be an ideal option to share the feelings from successful construction with closest friends and family.

Taking into account the whole quantity of the tiles in the set you are able to construct three dimensional and two-dimensional creatures like an airplane, shape of the heart or even windmill. Just open respective booklet with diverse ideas and dip into the world of various models.


5. MAGETOYS Magnetic Blocks


Education ceases to be boring at the age of technologies. You can be proved in it thanks to a variety of games directed to creativity and cognitive thinking. One of the ways may be a game with magnetic blocks building set designed by Magetoys. It is able to learn your toddler diverse shapes, colors. He will love to have fun without any additional efforts.


The manufacturer is able to propose you 32 triangles plus 40 squares and couple of hexagons with two car wheels. Also, there is one Ferris set of 8 wheels. Everything is appropriately packed in the storage pouch with a clear tutorial. It is an excellent assistant in the process of creating such constructions as any transport, animals or buildings.

High-grade plastic certified by EN71, ASTM is durable due to ultrasonic welding. It means that the hands of your beloved kid are in safety.

6. Jasonwell magnetic tiles


Do you think about fascinating, fun and educational at the same time gift for your beloved preschooler? Please consider magnetic blocks construction set produced by Jasonwell. Hundreds of positive feedback from parents who purchased the set are able to persuade you. Almost one hundred items of diverse, unusual shapes build up a fun atmosphere with the family and little toddlers. The manufacturer ensures the quality of the material. Smooth edges of ABS plastic protect your kid from any damage.

Don’t worry if you are clueless about how to build up all of those constructions. Detailed tutorial will help you quickly with any models. Three dimensional and two-dimensional models of planes or cars and similar are waiting for your careful attention. Imagination can be boosted on the proper level with the incredible variety of colorful magnetic blocks.


7. BizyBeez sensory magnetic STEM set

BizyBeez sensory magnetic STEM set

Did you know that a game with colorful constructions can not only cheerful, but it has a therapeutic effect? STEM set of magnetic blocks is able to give your toddler unforgettable emotions while he is constructing imaginative projects using forty-one items. This set proposes you unique textures are pleasant and smooth to the touch.

Thanks to high-grade magnet sticks with distinct colors, there are plenty of ways to boost your imagination. Your beloved would adore discovery of new opportunities for own development. Magnetic blocks designed by BizyBeez are ideally suitable for children with autism or hyper-anxiety. Starting from 3 years, you are free to play with your kid and feel safe as ABS plastic is free of any toxins and has excellent durability.

A storage bag is a great bonus to keep your apartments free from mess. Magnetic blocks are able to distract your lovely kid from gadgets and concentrate on fun brainstorming game suitable for the whole family.


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