I am not astonished that you are confused with all that stuff for babies which become more and trendier on the market. Please don’t feel blue as I collected all gossips and true stories about the most eagerly sought equipment for infants – the bouncers and the swing. Below you will find genuine comments from moms who purchased either both options or one of them and ready to share with us their experience.

I have divided moms’ feedbacks placed on trustful resource babycenter.com on the following groups:

What is different Baby Bouncer?

  1. Why should I choose baby bouncerThe bouncer is a better variant when the toddler is awake while you are doing some work around the house. The swing is more suitable for sleeping or napping. The baby becomes naughty sometimes if he or she wants to sleep, so the swing is a wonderful alternative in this case.
  2. The swing may be used a little bit longer than the bouncer. The bouncer was a perfect variation till 5-6 months until the little one starts sitting on his own. You can use the swing until a year and more with your kid.
  3. The bouncer is portable in most cases. It is so convenient if you should so something. You just take your precious baby with you.
  4. The swing is the best assistant when your dearest toddler is naughty and can’t sleep properly.
  5. The majority of little ones prefer the swing thanks to their entertaining and soothing modes.
    You can connect the dots taking into account BTDT moms’ experience along with next categories-characteristics. They will be able to make up your mind.

Toddler’s weight limit

20-30 pounds should be the upper bound for both equipment – the bouncer and the swing. It is better to invest in the swing if you plan to give birth to more than one kid. It saves the cheddar.


Swings are more variable if talking about motions. You are free to move from side to side or back and forth or even both variants. If your beloved toddler likes natural bouncing only then please purchase the bouncer.

Mobility and measures

You have to find more space for a swing than for a bouncer as the last one has lightweight, compact measures. It is an ideal option for small and long family journeys. Anyhow, some up-to-date swings allow for folding features and storage.


Please note that swings typically a little bit more expensive than the bouncers. But the brand still matters, so you can take guidance on range from 40 till 200 dollars for a swing. Bouncers normally start from twenty dollars.


The outstanding feature of the swing is the requirement for plug-in or batteries. The first modification saves your costs for sure. You are free of worries with the bouncer as it doesn’t require any power.
Further, let’s consider the hallmarks of swings and bouncers and their pros and cons.
Bouncers are usually destined for those who are not able to sit by themselves yet, e.g. it can be used until your infants turn 9 months. Simple seat springs up and down while you are rocking it by your hands. You are free to play with your beloved in it until he or she realizes that his or her motions stimulate bouncer’s movements

  • Perfect for a traveling, active lifestyle
  • The mesh seat with a contour body shape that gives the perfect hammock with ideal ventilation
  • No batteries needed
  • Allows to eat dinner together without holding a baby
  • A newborn is instantly soothed by the bouncer
  • Both the pad and infant support are machine washable
  • Safe nap and playing thanks to four stabilizing grips and an adjustable belt harness
  • Lightweight chair is easy to move around the house
  • Baby falls asleep at lullaby mode
  • Washable fabric is super duper soft
  • Removable 2 sweet pets
  • 20 minutes of relaxing music
  • Adorable puppy seat for extra comfort
  • Baby asleep five minutes after putting him into the seat
  • The assembly is so easy
  • The plastic can crack, no backup part
  • The vibration strength is poor
  • The seat does not recline back far enough


What is different Baby Swing?

Why should I choose baby swing?Swings are the most favorable for toddlers if taking into account parents’ feedbacks. Why is that? The answer is simple. The swing is a plush seat with a solid frame working on electric mode (plug-in or batteries). It means that you are able to swing it from side to side or back to forth which so enjoyable for your beloved. 

Normally, the swing is supposed to use up to 9 months. Of course, you are free to exploit it longer, but until your infant starts sitting or climbing out for his or her safety.

  • The wall plug as well as able to use batteries
  • The seat is easy to detach and transport
  • 1 D battery lasts a long time
  • Parents can rock him with a toe on the rocker rail
  • Simple to assemble
  • The instructions are clear
  • The fabric has great quality
  • The music helps if the toddler is awake
  • You can plug it in so you don’t have issues with batteries failing in the middle of nap time
  • Easily adjust the volume and bounce levels
  • The cord is well routed
  • the motion options are smooth, and sounds are calming
  • Varying speeds.
  • You can adjust the seating position
  • The buckles are easy to fasten when the baby is in the swing
  • It senses baby’s weight and folds very compact to put in your car trunk or back seat
  • It has easy turn axle to alternate swinging side-to-side and front and back

  • No head support
  • Makes noise
  • The speed on the lowest setting is too fast
  • The rocker part is sensitive
  • It shuts off on its own after like 10 minutes of use
  • It swings too fast for a newborn


Swings and bouncers are specially designed to be loyal parents’ assistants with their little ones. Majority of moms and dads prefer using both variants for different periods and depends on the infant’s desire. I tried to give you complete information about them in this article. Now, it is your call!

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